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Terms and Conditions
The Dating Scholar

VAT NUMBER: 35603336 Address: Edvard Thomsens Vej 27, st. th, 2300 Copenhagen S

Please read through our terms and conditions and do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions.


These terms and conditions ("Terms") form part of the agreement ("Agreement") that applies between a) The Dating Scholar AS ("Provider") with organization number 35603336 and b) the individual or company purchasing the Provider's services ("Customer"). In the Terms, the Provider and the Customer are jointly referred to as "Parties," and each separately as "Party." To the extent that the Parties have specifically agreed on conditions that conflict with the Terms, the specifically agreed conditions shall prevail unless the context or circumstances obviously lead to a different interpretation.


The Provider shall deliver services ("Services") to a specific individual user ("User") at the Customer in accordance with the Agreement. The Services consist of the following three parts: a) Digital course content, b) Digital mentor support, and c) Digital community. The digital course content is delivered via the internet through a cloud-based service (SAAS solution). The course content is considered delivered when it is available to the User at the web address determined by the Provider from time to time. The digital course content consists of the following parts:a) Module 1: Introduction, b) Module 2: Strength & Self Esteem, c) Module 3: Approaches & Asking Out, d) Module 4: Online Dating Profile, e) Module 5: The Perfect Date, f) Module 6: The courtship

The digital mentor support entails that the Provider offers 1-1 coaching. The User participates using the solution indicated by the Provider for video calls or similar. The Provider solely determines which technical solution and time apply for each 1-1 training session. Currently, the digital community primarily consists a Facbook. group However, this may change over time. The purpose of the Provider's digital community is, among other things, to enable open questions, networking, and collective support. The User's right to access and use the Provider's digital community is valid throughout the Agreement period. No one other than the User has the right to use the Services according to the Agreement.


The Provider has the right to make changes to the Services from time to time, provided that such changes do not significantly impair the Services in general. The Provider is not obligated to inform in writing about such changes.


The Provider shall deliver the Services to the best of its ability and is not responsible for deficiencies in the service level unless the Provider has acted negligently.


The User must, in the use of the Services, comply with applicable laws and other relevant regulations and the reasonable specifications, guidelines, and manuals that the Provider makes available for the Services. The User may not use the Services for any other purpose than to develop within the areas covered by the digital course content. It is the User's responsibility to have the necessary technical equipment to benefit from the Services. The User is responsible for ensuring that data added by the User to part of the Services or otherwise made available to the Provider ("Customer Data") is free from viruses, trojan horses, worms, and other harmful software or code and that such data in no way can damage or have a negative impact on the Provider's systems, the Services, or any of the Provider's customers, suppliers, and other business connections. The User is responsible for ensuring that Customer Data does not infringe third parties' intellectual property rights. The User is responsible for treating login details, security methods, and other information provided by the Provider for access to the Services confidentially. The User must immediately notify the Provider if unauthorized persons have gained access to such information. The Customer is responsible for the User's actions in relation to the Agreement as if they were the Customer's own actions.


The company is not liable for any incidental, consequential, indirect, or special damages, or commercial damages caused or alleged to be caused by the programs or mentor services used. The Customer agrees that in the event it is found that the company is liable for such a loss, the Customer's claim is limited to the reimbursement of payment made by the Customer for services rendered minus costs incurred by payers' subcontractors or third parties. The company's liability is not for errors caused by errors or incomplete information provided by customers to the company. The Customer also agrees not to seek compensation beyond an agreement that limits direct or direct voting from or against other parties. The company is not liable to customers for costs, damages, or explanations due to causes beyond their control, terms including without limitation unknown location characteristics; changes in policy, amendments, and terms of service.


The Provider's obligation to deliver the Services arises only when the Customer has paid the Fee or the first installment of the Fee.


The Provider has the right at any time and without prior notice to shut down access to the Services for urgent maintenance or to protect the Services from unauthorized attacks and the like. The Customer has no right to compensation for lack of access to the Services in such cases. The Provider is not responsible for lack of access to the Services due to interruptions or communication problems on the internet or other private and public networks used to access the Services. If the Customer, including the User, violates the Agreement or applicable law, and this may cause damage to the Provider or any of the Provider's customers, suppliers, and other business connections, the Provider has the right to suspend the Customer, including the User, from the Services until the violation has ceased and the damage has been remedied.


For the provision of the Services, the Customer shall pay 3.000 EURO including VAT ("Payment"). The Customer shall pay in connection with the conclusion of the Agreement. The Provider may from time to time offer the Customer the opportunity to pay using one or more third-party solutions such as Klarna, Svea, or similar. If the Customer uses such a payment solution, the Customer also commits to the terms applied by the third party providing the payment solution in connection with the conclusion of the Agreement. The Customer is aware that such a payment solution may entail additional interest and fees beyond what is stated in the Agreement. If the Customer cannot pay using a third-party payment solution, the Provider has the right to invoice the Customer immediately with a payment deadline of ten (10) days.

All intellectual property rights and other rights related to the Services belong to the Provider, or where relevant, the Provider's suppliers or licensors. Nothing in this Agreement constitutes a transfer or transfer of any intellectual property rights or other rights in the Services to the Customer. All data, including all associated intellectual property rights, created by the Customer in the Provider's digital community, accrues to the Provider without compensation, and the Provider also has unlimited rights to use, reproduce, distribute, and otherwise exploit such data. Through the Agreement, the Customer obtains a non-exclusive, time-limited, and non-transferable license ("License") to use the material included in the digital course content exclusively for its internal use and only in relation to the Use the Services are purchased for. The License may not be transferred to another person at the Customer or to external parties. If the Customer wants access to the Services for another person at the Customer, the Customer must purchase the Services and also enter into the Agreement for that person. If an external party wants access to the Services, the Customer must refer them to the Provider.


The withdrawal period is 14 days from the date of purchase of the course. It is the Customer's responsibility to invoke any right of withdrawal within 14 days in writing by email to (Applies only if less than 20% of the video material has been viewed) The Customer must have a conversation with a representative from The Dating Scholar AS, to utilize the right of withdrawal and thereby terminate the agreement.


In connection with or shortly after the delivery of the Services, the Parties may exchange confidential information ("Confidential Information") with each other. Each Party therefore undertakes not to disclose Confidential Information belonging to the other Party to third parties due to the Agreement. Confidential Information may include, but is not limited to, information about marketing, sales programs, sales volume, sales conversion, sales methods and processes, sales proposals, products, services, suppliers, customer lists, manuals, sales materials and scripts, telemarketing scripts, investor names, customer information, operating processes, pricing guidelines, strategic plans, intellectual property, and information about or related to a party's employees. The information included in the Services is always considered Confidential Information belonging to the Provider. Information that the Customer provides in the Provider's digital community is never considered Confidential Information. Despite the above confidentiality obligation, a Party may disclose Confidential Information if a) the information was already available to the party before the party entered into or began negotiations about the Agreement, b) the information is publicly available at the time of disclosure, and availability is not due to the party itself, or c) the information has been known to the Party for more than ten (10) years. Despite the above confidentiality obligation and the associated exceptions, a Party may not disclose information about a) the content of the Agreement, b) negotiations and mediation in connection with the Agreement, or c) court or arbitration proceedings in connection with the Agreement. However, a Party may disclose Confidential Information if the Party is obliged to do so under law, other legislation, stock exchange rules, court decisions, or authority decisions. A Party is always obliged to take reasonable measures to protect confidential information according to the Agreement. If a Party is obliged to disclose information covered by confidentiality in this provision, the Party should, if possible, consult with the other Parties before such disclosure takes place. The above rules on confidentiality apply to each Party during the Agreement period and for ten (10) years after.


This agreement between the parties supersedes all previous agreements, written and oral, and cannot be amended except by a new written agreement signed by both parties.


Regardless of what else is stated in the Agreement, the Provider has the right to use Customer Data for its own marketing, but only to the extent that Customer Data does not constitute trade secrets or otherwise be considered sensitive to the Customer. The Customer has the right to notify the Provider in writing that certain Customer Data may not be used in the Provider's marketing. In such cases, the Provider has a reasonable period to comply with this instruction. Nevertheless, the Provider always has the right to use information about: a) Which customers have purchased the Services from the Provider, b) Which measurable effects the Customers have achieved with the Services, and c) Statements that the Customers have made about the Services or the Provider in general.


The Provider is given the right to record and store mentor conversations ("Conversations"), both audio and video, conducted within the framework of the Services. The Provider may also upload the Conversations in the Services and use them for internal training and development of the Services.


All disputes between the parties should be resolved as best as possible through friendly dialogue. If such a solution is not achieved, the dispute can be brought before the industry's complaint board or ordinary courts unless the parties agree to resolve the dispute by arbitration. The parties understand and agree that the construction and interpretation of this agreement are under the laws of Sweden. In the event that one of the parties must take legal steps to enforce this agreement, the parties agree that the court for such action shall be a court in Sweden.


The Provider is not responsible for failing to properly fulfill the agreement to the extent that the failure is due to a pandemic, strike, labor dispute, fire, explosion, flood, riot, government decision or regulation, terrorism, or any other circumstance beyond the Party's reasonable control ("Force Majeure Event"). However, this exemption does not apply to such events whose effects could have been anticipated when the Parties entered into the agreement. The Party shall without undue delay inform the other party if the Party is affected by a force majeure event.

The Dating Scholar  wholeheartedly wants to help our clients implement the strategies in the course. If it is unlikely that the client has achieved results after the completion of the course (1 paying customer within 90 days), The Dating Scholar  has chosen to offer a performance guarantee. This means that if the client has not achieved 1 paying customer within 90 days, we will continue the collaboration and work together with the client until they achieve the desired 1 customer.The Dating Scholar Terms and Conditions